brain plasticity and physical exercise trivium


Trivium is an American black metal/folk metal band formed in 2020. In December 2020, the band released their debut full-length album ‘Demonic’ in the United States.

Many fans are disappointed that Trivium have not been able to release another album as their debut was not released in the UK. The band have released a number of promo CDs, mostly with songs from their second album ‘Broken Empire’, but never another album in the UK.

What could be the cause of this problem? Have they run out of ideas for new material or are they holding back because of the brain plasticity and physical exercise dilemma? A few of the less happy fans think it’s down to Trivium’s creative space, others think they are holding back in order to maximise sales of the new album.

In my opinion, both these explanations would miss the point. The fact is that the band has already released two albums in the UK. And what they haven’t done is put out an album that has had brain plasticity and physical exercise written all over it!

I like both albums, even though I don’t agree with some of the lyrical content, but I know many of the lyrics were written before the album was actually completed, meaning that some of the lyrics would have to be re-written. In my opinion, the lack of brain plasticity and physical exercise is mainly due to the band choosing a much heavier direction to take on the new album, which the songwriting team obviously disagreed with. I understand why they chose this path, but it’s not something that I agree with.

The other factor that contributes to the argument about the influence of brain plasticity and physical exercise on the lyrics is that the band seems to be consciously limiting the amount of heavy metal that can be sung on the album. The main themes of ‘Broken Empire’ are death, demonic possession, demons, skull images and black metal imagery. I have a problem with lyrical heavy metal, because most people would have trouble hearing such lyrics in modern pop music, but I’m just mentioning this aspect of the songwriting process because I think it has been over-looked by fans.

During this period of lyrical development, the band used the software ‘MindMapping’ to develop new songs. Using this software, the songwriting team created an extensive bible for the songwriting process and divided the material into 10 sections, each representing a section of the overall writing process.

The songwriters developed the bible using their own input, combined with feedback from the band, and also suggestions from the band’s management team. On top of this, the band were also given ‘life force energy’ exercises by the writing team, which helped them to write faster. The production team were also on hand to help the musicians during this time, including mastering engineer Nic Wedgwood, who has worked with the band on a number of occasions, firstly on their debut album ‘Dusica’ in 2020.

After months of writing and practice sessions, the writing team completed the bible during a special recording session with the band’s management team. The band then listened to the new songs, but ultimately, they did not release the material for fear of writing something that was too similar to the song ‘Das Abenteuer’. Even though the music was completed and ready to be mastered, the band chose to leave the album out of the album ‘First Impressions’, which was released the following year.

In 2020, ‘Second Chances’ emerged as their top song. The songs on this album were recorded in an extremely short period of time, taking only 6 weeks, with only three weeks spent in the studio. studio in Stockholm.

After the writing of the lyrics and the beginning of the recording process, the band was left with only a handful of original ideas for songs to work with. The band was faced with the decision of whether to use these new songs, or re-use some of the older ones that they had used on previous albums. on their second album ‘Broken Empire’.