How to Prepare For a Triathlon

The best way to prepare for a triathlon, or any endurance event, is by doing the necessary warm up and pre workout exercises. A good warm up should include several minutes of light jogging or cycling, stretching.

Both of these activities can help you warm up your muscles and increase your cardiovascular endurance, helping you to be ready for the intense racing that will take place. But they can also help to make sure that you have plenty of time to cool down and get your muscles ready for the race itself.

If you are a vegetarian, making use of your pre-race meal is a good time to enjoy it. And, if you are not a vegetarian, use it as a period of recovery time from the run and cycling.

A single jogging or cycling session can be enough to help you warm up. If you have a friend in the race, you could ask them to give you a hand during the jog. It will be well worth it when you are competing.

The lit pre workout should also include some warm up exercises for swimming. Not only do these help to build your endurance, but they are important for maintaining your speed when you are out on the water.

Once you have warmed up sufficiently, you will then need to do a series of calisthenics to bring your muscles into proper form. Try to practice it every day for several minutes, and then take the day off.

As part of your lit or workout, you should also do a series of interval exercises such as swimming as fast as you can, holding the “full” for two seconds, and then quickly swimming as fast as you can again. Repeat this process until you reach your maximum speed for that interval.

Aerobic exercises should be incorporated into your post-run routine. These are exercises that increase your heart rate and make you ready for the long hours of exercise that will be required for a triathlon.

To prepare for the marathon distance, you should also begin to run regularly. This is another good reason to get the lit pre workout in for a long run a few days before the race.

It is recommended that you keep a complete journal of all of your swim times. After you finish your swim and begin your bike, note your pace and other factors that can affect the outcome of your race.

It is wise to set aside at least two hours before your race to improve your chances of finishing on time. This includes looking over the course map to be sure that you are running on the right part of the track, preparing yourself for your swim by doing laps of the pool, and making sure that you have prepared yourself sufficiently for your cycling.

So, if you’ve followed the above guidelines, you should be able to join the race with your sights set on a perfect race. Just remember to remain in the “Tri” spirit!