BHR Exercise For Physical Therapy

BHR exercise for physical therapy is becoming more common. It is believed that the program works as an effective method to control swelling in the joints. This weight-bearing exercise helps to develop strength and endurance in the body. It also helps to decrease the stiffness and pain of arthritis in the legs and joints.

The program is conducted by the therapist or at times the patient herself. Many of the exercises can be done at home. Although a physical therapist cannot perform the exercises, she is certainly capable of guiding and instructing the patient on certain movements. The outcome for the patient depends upon the selection of exercise and the use of the exercises in the right direction.

BHR exercise for physical therapy is intended to be performed slowly. This is to improve the state of the joints. It is very important to start with warm up before the program.

The process starts with the patient sitting down on the floor and then receiving the client from her stool. The therapist offers the client some initial support and care before starting the exercise. The position of the patient should be comfortable.

This exercise may be performed standing, sitting or on a rigid treatment chair. The exercise may take place on a flat surface like a daybed or chair, or it may be on a wobble mat. It is of utmost importance to choose the best suitable platform to perform the exercise. Sometimes the therapist and the patient have to consult the therapists.

An essential element of the program is to gradually stretch the patients joints. In stretching, the patient’s upper body, lower body and feet are moved slowly through the prescribed distance. When it is done correctly the therapeutic exercises increase the elasticity of the ligaments and cartilage which are very beneficial for reducing joint pain. The movements should be done gradually to avoid the recurrence of the previous symptoms.

BHR exercise for physical therapy is a progressive program, which should be carried out at least once every two weeks. It may be done sitting, standing or on a chair. When it is used for the first time the therapist and the patient decide on the type of motion or manner of moving the joint. This type of exercise works effectively to eliminate pain and stiffness caused by the old pain producing arthritis.

The BHR exercise for physical therapy is an all inclusive program. It includes stretches and warm up and it also includes the joint decompression exercises. The exercise program is completed by doing the same exercises, right to the end.

BHR exercise for physical therapy is very suitable for anyone who cannot perform the other exercises. In fact this program is easy to understand and easy to carry out. It can be used by everyone as it is done at home. The patient uses her own two feet or knee joints and leg muscles to support the weight and when they are required to be used again the process is very simple.

In the United States, most of the health insurance plans cover a program for physical therapy. This program for physical therapy is commonly known as BHR. The program includes exercises designed to control swelling, stiffness and pain in the joints. The therapist leads the patient through the process as instructed.

BHR exercise for physical therapy is very beneficial to the patient. They usually regain pain free movement in about six months. If the patient’s condition is sufficiently improved then BHR exercise for physical therapy becomes effective treatment for arthritis. If any of the joint painor stiffness has not been controlled for six months then it becomes dangerous for the patient and therefore a doctor’s advice is very important.